Sale of products:
•  Environmentally friendly products (cleaning products, gardening supplies)
•  Kings Seeds
•  Fair Trade products, including teas and coffee
•  Riverton Organic Food Co-op produce including fruit and vegetables; dairy products; chicken and meat; dried fruit and nuts; beans, lentils and seeds; flours and grains (all organic and GE free, as local as possible)

Displays on:
•  Water quality
•  Fishing and regulations
•  Native plants
•  Pest control
•  Energy
•  Natural health
•  Natural cleaners
•  Fair Trade
•  Resource Management Act
•  Other educational resources on sustainable living topics

Base for the following:
•  Estuary Care Society
•  Aparima Pestbusters
•  Seed Saving project information and distribution of seeds
•  Open Orchard project
•  Education programmes (adults and children)

The Centre has an extensive library for society members along with a wood fire and comfortable chairs. There is a children's activity area that is free to use.

A computer and internet access is available for the public for researching environmental and natural health information.

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A huge thank you to all of our supporters, we appreciate your help!