Our key role in achieving the above vision is providing a local hub for sharing resources, skills, and experiences, and to provide a physical space where examples of sustainable methods can be demonstrated. Also to encourage and support others to develop their own local hubs.

For more information on how we plan to achieve this vision, we have a strategic plan. Contact us for a copy. 

PRESENTATION 2017 ~ This is a power point presentation of our visions for the future (November 2017)  Please get in touch if you would like to help with a project or sponsor/donate to one.

We have a diverse range of talented people who are at the Centre on a paid and voluntary basis.

For more information on our committee members, check out our South Coast Environment Society profile document.
We call on a number of local experts to deliver our workshops and provide information at our events. If you would like to speak to an expert on a particular topic, please contact us for information.

Find out more about volunteering for us.

We currently have no vacancies for paid employment. If we attract more funding for our projects this may change.