Organic Gardening information sheets available here (can be printed in the Centre for a small charge):
No-dig gardens
Green crops
Herb companions for vegetables
Plants that attract beneficial insects
Worm farming
Weeds as indicators
Gettin rid of wireworm
Natural sprays
Plants suitable for planting and growing in autumn and winter
Slugs and snails 
Seed Balls
For information on fruit trees, click here.

In the Centre you will find our library of related books and some educational programmes which have previously been aired on TV available to view:
• Saving seeds
• Composting and bio-intensive gardening
• Liquid manures and soil sterilizing
• Pruning fruit trees
• Grafting fruit trees

Other useful links:
OOOOBY (Which stands for Out Of Our Own Back Yards) there are great discussion groups for home gardeners.

MOON CALENDARS ~ Riverton Organic Growers produces a planting by the moon calendar and a 'Chemical Free alternatives to household cleaners' chart, which are sold as a fund raiser. These can be purchased through the Centre or emailing To see what they look like and for pricing, click here.

If you are interested in information or courses on a particular topic, or arranging a guest speaker for an event, please contact us.