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We offer a number of educational resources and workshops on a range of topics, including information sheets for use in schools. We also run workshops at our major events, such as the annual Heritage Harvest Festival (coming up in March 2023!).

Please visit our YouTube channel to see more of what we do - subscribe if you like what you see!



We can run workshops on almost any environmental topic you can think of! If you have a specific request, let us know - we need a minimum of ten attendees to make a workshop worthwhile.

This season's workshops will include:

  • Apple Tree Grafting (finished until 2023)

  • Beginner Organic Gardening

  • Composting

  • Homemade natural skincare products and household cleaners

  • Growing edible mushrooms

  • Seed Sowing

  • Introductory Permaculture

  • Forest Gardening... and more


If you want to get advance notice of an upcoming workshop, make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.

In the Learning Hub you can find a number of free educational resources on the following topics:

To see some of the other topics we can cover, refer to our information sheets for schools page. For programmes specifically targeted for children, refer to our childrens' education page.

We can provide expert guest speakers for events but request that transport costs are covered and sometimes a speakers fee. Contact us to make an enquiry. For some great ways to use your organic vegetables, check out our seasonal recipes.

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