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We offer a number of educational resources and workshops on a range of topics, including information sheets for use in schools. We also run workshops at our major events, such as the annual Heritage Harvest Festival.

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Forest Garden Tours

Enjoy a guided tour with Robert or Robyn Guyton through their 25 year old forest garden.

Please note: tours only run from October to April each year.

Options Include:
Short Tour: One hour, $15 per person, minimum two people;

Standard Tour: One and a half hours, $20 per person, minimum two people, maximum eight people;

Deluxe Tour: Two hours, $50 per person, includes high tea on the verandah following tour, minimum two people;

Combination Tour: Standard Tour plus one hour guided visit to Riverton’s eight year old Community Forest Garden, $30 per person, minimum two people, maximum eight people;

Tours are run as a fundraiser for South Coast Environment Society’s Open Orchard projects.

Please note: Children are welcome but must stay with caregivers at all times while on the property. Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn.

Please book through our Experiences Page or feel free to email us on


We don't currently have any workshops scheduled, but get in touch with us at if you are keen on any of the following topics. If there are enough people interested we will put it together! Our website is full of information about possible workshops and courses.

We offer a number of educational resources and workshops on the following topics:

We have just released our new adult education series with great workshops to choose from; please click on the names for a brochure on each topic


When workshop dates are confirmed they will be on our Experiences Page.

To see some of the other topics we can cover, refer to our information sheets for schools page. For programmes specifically targeted for children, refer to our childrens' education page.

For upcoming workshops, refer to our Experiences Page, or contact us to request a particular workshop.

We can provide guest speakers for events but request that transport costs are covered and sometimes a speakers fee. Contact us to make an enquiry. For some great ways to use your organic vegetables, check out our seasonal recipes.

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