Moon Calendars

This perpetual moon gardening calendar shows you the best time to prune, plant dig and sow in your garden according to the phase of the moon. Simply dial in the date of the new moon each month and be on your way! This handy guide is your tool for following the moon's phases in your garden.

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Aotearoa Home Vegetable Growers Starter Packs

These packs would make an awesome gift for someone just getting started in gardening!

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Open Orchard Handbook

Topics covered include: - how to choose, care and plant fruit trees, - preventing or dealing with pests and diseases, - how to prune and taking cuttings then how to graft.

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Instant Kit-Set Garden

We are stoked to be collaborating with the Riverton Menzshed, who have made us these fabulous raised garden bed kits. PERFECT for setting up an instant one square metre (or more!) garden!

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Cleaners Chart

This handy A3 Cleaners Chart shows the simple and effective ways you can clean your home with readily available ingredients in a safe and non toxic way.

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Heritage Harvest Festival T-shirt

These Riverton Heritage Harvest Festival t-shirts are a great memento.

We have a range of sizes starting from S - 3XL, available in Yellow, Grey, Black, White, Purple, Dark Green, Light Green, Maroon, Olive Green and Brown.

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