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South Coast 

Bountiful Backyards

workshop weekend

7th & 8th October 2023


The first ever  Bountiful Backyards workshop weekend was held in Riverton on the weekend of the 7th and 8th October 2023.

Bountiful Backyards
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175 tickets, 15 different workshops, 14 hours, 8 tutors, countless questions and answers and copious cups of tea and coffee - what a weekend!

A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful people who visited Riverton from as far afield as Te Anau, Glenorchy, Queenstown and Dunedin to make the most of our inaugural Bountiful Backyards workshop weekend. Adults and children alike had a great time.

Our knowledgeable, experienced tutors really enjoyed supporting people's learning across a range of topics and according to our feedback, everyone who came along would recommend us to others, with the range of children's workshops especially popular!

All in all, it was counted a great success and now plans are underway for our next cyclical seasonal celebration, the Riverton Heritage Harvest Festival - see you there on the 23rd and 24th of March 2024, if not before!

2023 Workshops included:

Managing Soil Fertility

Planning a Seed Saving garden

How and why to make biochar

Poultry keeping

Apple grafting

Planting an apple guild

Attracting beneficial creatures to your garden

And a whole lot more!

And for younger people:

Planting a bucket garden

Bugs brilliant and beastly

Making a stone harvesting knife

And more!

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