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Our projects all work towards our Vision by providing opportunities for people to learn how to care for the environment and to lead more sustainable, fulfilling lives. Some of our projects have been running for many years, while others are in the early development stage.

You can read a brief description of our projects below. For more information on each, click to follow the link!

Open Orchards

Saving, identifying and sharing Southlands' Heritage fruit trees; Community Heritage Orchard Parks; Pruning and grafting workshops;

Annual Fruit Tree Sale.

Longwood Loop

Re-localising food production and distribution for community resilience and rural economic development.  


Online and physical opportunities for sharing of resources, skills and experiences that support people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. 

Saving and sharing heritage vegetable seeds in Southern NZ; workshops, seed swaps.

Southland Seed Savers Network
Seasonal Festivals

Spring: Bountiful Backyards

Autumn: Heritage Harvest

Forest Gardens

Community Forest Garden open to the public right in the middle of Riverton's town centre! 
Tours of the Guyton's 28 year old Forest Garden by request.

Community Compost

Developing a system for the collection and composting of local food and garden 'wastes' and to turn into a soil and food resource!

An inspirational place to visit! Local and organic foods; plants, seeds and garden products; expert advice and information on sustainability and healthy lifestyles.

Environment Centre
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