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Your membership supports all our projects!


Our members include individuals, businesses and affiliated organisations who want to support our work and maintain a connection with us.

As well as being able to keep members in the loop about what we are up to, higher membership numbers also increase our chance of accessing some funding opportunities which may rely on 'number of members' as a qualifying criteria.

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  • Individual

    Yearly Subscription to South Coast Environment Society Inc
    Valid for one year
  • Family

    Valid for one year
  • Group or Business

    Valid for one year

Members are consulted on strategic decisions, can attend and vote at General Meetings of the Society, and are eligible to join the committee if they wish.

Membership can be paid by internet banking, EFTPOS or cash at the Centre.

Membership annual fees are:
•  $20 for an individual
•  $25 for a family
•  $30 + Koha (gift/donation) for a group/business/corporate

Membership benefits include:
Advance ordering for our annual Heritage Fruit Tree sale, invitation to annual members-only events, 10% discount on workshops, membership of the Centre library, monthly Coastline newsletter...

  • Organic Group

    Valid for one year
    • Borrow books and magazines from the Centre library
    • Keep up to date with meetings and garden tours
  • Southland Seed Saver

    Valid for one year
    • Enables access to seeds from our seed savers network.
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