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Monday - Saturday

10am - 4.30pm


1.30pm - 4.30pm

Environment Centre

Our Centre is a base for environmental groups, sells eco-friendly products, including an extensive range of organic co-op food items and spray free locally grown produce, and has information on a wide range of environmental topics.

We are the base for: 

Riverton Estuary Care Society
Southland Seed Savers Network
Open Orchard Project
Environmental Education Programmes

The Centre has an extensive library for society members along with a wood fire and comfortable chairs. There is a children's activity area that is free to use.

Donations can be made through the "give a little" button at the bottom or by making a bank transfer to our account. Please email for a tax deductible receipt.

South Coast Environment Society


A huge thank you to all of our supporters, we appreciate your help!

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