Annual Apple Scion Wood List - NOW CLOSED

Orders will open winter 2019

  • Please get your orders in as soon as possible, we will be posting them out September 2019.
  • Some varieties are limited to 1 per person as there are limited amounts of scions, and it means we can share the varieties around.  Next year you can multiply them out yourself. Please give a couple of extra choices just in case we haven’t got enough to go around. Others are abundant and you can order up to five scions of one variety.
  • Each 15 cm scion will make at least 2 new trees and sometimes three if the buds are close together.
  • The cost of each scion is $3 and we will confirm postage when you order.

2018 Scion Wood list

2018 Order form

Please send your order to:


Annual Heritage Fruit Tree Sale - NOW CLOSED

Orders will open winter 2019

We have an annual fruit tree sale each year.  These bare rooted trees are for sale for the Southland area only and must be picked up from Riverton. 

Our next Heritage Fruit tree sale will be held in August 2019.  Please contact us if you want to be added to the database to receive the fruit tree list every year .

For an article about the fruit tree sales, click here.  To listen to a recent podcast with good tips and advice from Robyn Guyton - click here

Enquiries to: