To get producing seed for us:

1. Pay an initial annual donation of $5 (for subsequent years the fee is waived if you return seeds). Payment options include internet banking, at the Centre, or cheque to ‘South Coast Environment Society’. Download the membership form here.  
2. Review the 2017 catalogue of beans, corn, tomatoes, brassicas and more.
3. Email your order to

Limit one packet of each variety per person, please order as many varieties as you can handle. Seeds Cost $1 per packet (cheaper than commercial varieties because there is no guarantee of germination, these all have been saved by home gardeners who have done their best, strike rate of the seeds will vary greatly), out of date seeds are free. Very rare seeds are only given to experienced seed savers (Guardians) but come free of charge.

• Learn how to save seeds here.
• Please send back some of your excess so we can continue to share these around.
• Remember to let us know which ones you had no luck with so we can delete that line (note each date is kept separate under a different number for this purpose). Some seeds are old but we would prefer someone to at least try them, especially if they are rare, just in case some germinate rather than throwing them out!

There are some special varieties available for adoption:
Garlic varieties (thanks to Todd Saunders). You can adopt 2-3 varieties to grow for two or three years then send some excess back to our network so more people can start adopting them. You will only receive a clove of each (we only received one bulb of each) to get you started. Please name them clearly. Small donation to cover postage appreciated.