With Spring around the corner, it's seed ordering time again, and we hope you will be tempted by some of the treasures in this year’s catalogue (click below to view).

 2019 Seed Saver Catalogue

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Our seed saver group has decided to refresh our focus on developing a vibrant collection of seeds that will thrive in the Southland bio-region.  We will be actively seeking seeds of food plants that Southlanders have grown successfully as well as rejuvenating the collection of seeds originally grown and saved over many years by our 1999 founder Henry Harrington (d.2010).  We will also be looking further afield for varieties that may be suited to building food resilience to trial here.

This year we have split our catalogue into those seeds available to members as per previous years and those seeds that are more precious and require specialist attention to bulk up for the collection.  If you feel confident that you can do this, please let us know and we will be happy to share these special seeds with you.                         

If you live in Southland and would be interested in being a contract grower of heritage seeds please let us know, as this is a direction we are interested in pursuing.

 This year we have a particularly large collection of heritage climbing beans donated to us by Central Tree Crops Research Trust. They have come from parts of the world where they have been grown for many generations however to our knowledge they have never been grown in Southland.   We would love Southland Gardeners to grow some of these to help us find out which, if any, are worth keeping here. Of course non-Southlanders are welcome to access these seeds too!

  •  As always, we welcome any seeds that you have to share, especially if they come with a story (we love seedy stories!)
  •  We have kept our prices from last year: $1 per packet of seeds. Yearly membership is still a donation of between $5 - $20

Learn how to save seeds here.