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Meet the SCES committee

The committee meets and works to enhance SCES and everything it does for the community in Riverton and beyond.

Hollie Guyton_edited_edited.jpg


Hollie Guyton

Hollie's passions include food justice and food sovereignty, community resilience, and community gatherings where knowledge and good food is shared. She's been Chair since 2019 and on the committee from 2013.

Julie Moynihan.png


Julie Moynihan

Julie's work is focused on contributing to positive change in the world. She is a Chartered Accountant with a passion for sustainability and ensuring a thriving earth for future generations.

Wendy Joy_edited_edited.jpg

Deputy Chair + Coastline Editor

Wendy Joy

Wendy is particularly interested in productive gardening, avoiding waste, wholefoods and living simply, as well as supporting the SCES where best she can.

Dylan photo.jpg


Dylan Graves

Dylan is a Permaculture educator and gardener who strives for ecological enhancement at all levels. He admires nature's diversity and resilience.


Committee + Secretary

Nick Kiddey

Nick's background in organic gardening, permaculture, arboriculture, and education supports the many and varied projects undertaken by SCES. 

Rebecca Perez_edited.jpg


Rebecca Perez

Rebecca joined the committee in 2018 to further support the amazing work that has been done by SCES to build local food systems and community resilience. Another passion is Village Agarians.



Lynne Grove

Lynne is interested in environmental education, most recently through Enviroschools, and has been involved with SCES projects since 1998.

Robyn Guyton_edited.jpg


Robyn Guyton

Robyn has passion, energy, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in and for all aspects of eco living, community building, resilient skill acquisition and environmental care.

Robert Guyton_edited.jpg


Robert Guyton

Robert has been with the Society from its inception. and continues to help steer it through his role as a committee member and on-the-ground volunteer for its many projects.

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