As part of a nationwide network of Seed Saving Groups, home gardeners from throughout N.Z. were sending us their seeds to trial in Southland. With 19 seed saver groups around New Zealand we were a band of home gardeners protecting the legacy brought to N.Z. by our ancestors. These plants have fed us down through generations.

Over the years we offered the opportunity for people to 'adopt a seed' that we have little of and bulk it up over a couple of years by saving all the seed possible. As seed savers come and go, and beginners get practicing, we developed a guardian system for some of our more rare varieties.

In 2007 we started caring for some Otago seeds to look after for the two provinces. Kay Baxter, a well known heritage seed saver who founded Koanga Gardens in the North island wanted to source Southland seeds for sale, but our numbers were not high enough to support commercial sales.

In 2008 we sought to bulk up our seed stocks by leasing some small parcels of land near Riverton for the project. We hoped this could build to a point where it would create a couple of part time jobs. However, funding was not found.

In 2015 we are taking another look at Southland Seed Savers and how we can drive this project to a successful future.