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Heritage Harvest Festival

25th & 26th March 2023

Want to be involved, but not sure how?

There are many ways to be involved, all of which are key to the success of SCES and our projects.

Find out more about our activities below, and get in touch for more information about how we can work together.

Open Orchards

Saving, identifying and sharing Southlands' Heritage fruit trees.

Longwood Loop

Re-localising food production and distribution for community resilience & rural economic development.  

Environmental Education

With adults and children. Workshops, school visits and more.

Saving and sharing heritage vegetable seeds in Southern NZ.

Southland Seed Savers Network
Environment Centre

We are a base for many environmental groups,  sells products and have info on a range of topics.

Community Composting

Exploring the possibilities for community composting in Riverton and across Southland.

Coastline Newsletter

Our Newsletter is jam-packed with info on upcoming events, what's happening in our community, informative articles and so much more!


We have a diverse range of talented people at the Centre on a paid and voluntary basis.

Find out more about 
volunteering for us!

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The South Coast Environment Society was formed in 1996 to operate the Environment Centre in Riverton.

Riverton Environment Centre is home to the South Coast Environment Society, which heads a number of community and environment initiatives in the Southland Region of New Zealand.

The Environment Centre is on the main street in Riverton on the Southern Scenic Route, and we provide services to the wider South Coast of New Zealand. The Centre was established to provide a base for and support three existing Riverton environmental groups (Riverton Organic Group, Riverton Organic Food Co-op, and Estuary Care Society) and promote environmental awareness. Since then the Society has provided constant and reliable management for the Centre, making it the oldest continuously running Environment Centre in New Zealand.


Our programmes also reach people and organisations outside our home area, including overseas. The initial three environmental groups are still going strong, and an impressive array of other projects and initiatives have been able to develop that otherwise would have been difficult to facilitate. 

We are part of Environment Hubs Aotearoa, the national umbrella for local organisations that help people in Aotearoa take practical action in their homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces, and wild places.

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