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The 14th Annual





25th & 26th March 2023


The 14th Annual Riverton Heritage Harvest Festival will be held in Riverton and surrounds on the weekend of the 25th and 26th March 2023.


Celebrating Southland's Home Harvest

The Riverton Heritage Harvest festival is so wholesome, you could serve it up on a plate at a country picnic.

Join us for a weekend of workshops, displays, demonstrations, and harvest festivities for all ages!


This year's festival will feature:

- Herbalist Stephen Parker, who will be offering an opportunity to get to know the herbs

around you and ways that you can use them. 

- Permaculture and Orchard design specialist Jason Ross, who will be leading workshops on how to plan

and care for orchards and edible gardens to ensure a plentiful harvest.

- Local fermenting expert Evita Shen, who will be sharing some ways she transforms her harvest into

fermented goodness and will share her recipe for successful sourdough bread.

-  A Country Mouse Market for wee ones

- A trip around Western Southland, exploring the Longwood Loop community

food resilience project with Robyn Guyton

- A pre-festival foraging field trip with Peter Langlands

Book now into festival workshops, events and forest garden tours

Put aside the best of your harvest to display in the festival hall

Bring along a plate of food to share to the Friday night Pot-luck Dinner

Join us for a Community Harvest Dinner on Saturday night 

Entry to the festival is by donation 

(Suggested $5 adults, $2 children)

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Below are some videos from our online 2020 Festival.
Heritage Apple Crumble
with Christine Fraser
Urban Composting with Dave Kennedy
Introduction to Biodynamics with Su Hoskin
Sourdough Bread with
Julia Middleton
Propagating plants with Robert Guyton
No-dig gardening with
Hortus vitae Gardens for Life
How to prune an apple tree
with Robyn Guyton
Stovetop Sourdough Bread
with Trish Burton
Hugelkultur with
Hortus vitae Gardens for Life
Important info. on earth care with Peter Bacchus
Hugelkultur with
Hortus vitae Gardens for Life
Importance of Nutrition with Jill Bacchus
Hugelkultur with
Hortus vitae Gardens for Life
Apple Pigs, by Ruth Orbach, read by Peat Kiddey
Forest Garden tour with Robert Guyton

If you have appreciated watching these videos
please consider donating to support our work!

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